Handmade Metal Craft is one of the major hand made handicraft metal products which are one the most popular craft all over the world. Nepal is famous for its metal crafts.

Nepalese metal craft is the most desirable and durability metal product developed by well skilled and trained Nepalese artesian in which they have learned from their ancestors.

This product is produced by totally hand with the traditional technology,conception,perfection and skillful hands like hand hammering and hand casting .It is believed that the history of metal works or making metal crafts very old and ancient in Nepal.Generally the metal crafts products related to the statues of famous religion of Hinduism and Buddhism and other different prominent religion.

This product is the best way for the preservation of your own culture and tradition which have been followed by your ancestor. We provide you wide range of metal crafts such as metal statue, decorative and religious products like metal mask of Bhairab, Ganesh,Buddha, Shiva etc. We also produce other Nepal handicrafts such as metal wares and utensils, Gorkhali khurukuri and other metallic items. Nepal craft shop is a leading handmade handicraft in Nepal which is best for manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter for all kinds of handmade metal crafts.

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