Wood Carving in Nepal

Woodcarving is one of the most important parts of traditional architecture of Nepal which have been graced on monasteries, temples, palaces and residential homes since the twelfth century. Woodcarving in Nepal has been flourished during the ancient period .Although the ancient temples of our country are also decorated with different designs of wood carving. The people of this period are highly advance in the designation of woodcarving. They develop High quality wood carving related from Kathmandu valley and other different part of Nepal, which reflected in variety of unique products like figure of gods and goddesses, windows and door mythological figures, frames, chest, boxes, home decor and many others.

Woodcarvings are famous for the decorative and protection of identity. Nepal craft shop is a leading handmade handicraft company in Nepal which is best for manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter for all kinds of woodcarving. It is the most creative designer in every handmade handicraft which is one of the best-selling all over the world. We can also develop your own required pattern and designs.

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