Nepalese Musical Instrument

Nepalese musical instrument has a very strong relationship with Nepalese culture and religion. Nepal has a lot more tunes and rhythms of its own to share with the rest of the world. The musical traditions of Nepal are as diverse as the various ethnic groups of the country. The most complex musical culture in the Himalayas is that of the “Newars“ in the Kathmandu valley and the “Damai” in the other part of Nepal, which in the course of the past 2000 years has absorbed mostly Indian influences in shaping a unique musical tradition

Nepalese musical instruments have great importance in Nepalese culture and society. Nepalese musical instruments are played in special ceremony like wedding, bratabandha (a Vedic Brahmanic ritual), and welcome ceremony and in any other ceremony or festivals. Different musical instruments are found in Nepal. Most of them are produced in Nepal. Musical instruments like “madal”(Two sided drum), " sarangi" “damphu”, “damaru”, “basuri” (Flute), “sarangi”, “pancha Baja”, “ghunguru” (Ankle Bells), etc. There are several Nepali instruments, which are unheard, untouched and unexplored and Sarangi is one among them. sarangi musical instrument is played by sarangi. Nepalese musical instruments are enjoyed by all the Nepalese people especially on the occasions, festivals, or any other ceremonies.

Such instruments are also different as per the places, people, races, festivals and religions. They are also directly related with Nepalese culture and lifestyle. For instance: Yalambar is associated to the Kirants community, Sarangi is popular among Gandarvas, Panchai Baja is  mainly played by the Damai  community where as Damphu is famous among Tamangs. 

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