Pashmina Cashmere Stoles

Handmade pashmina cashmere Stoles are one of the most popular Pashmina products at Nepal Craft Shop. Stoles made of pashmina can be best because of fineness, warmth, softness, desirable aesthetic value, elegance and timelessness in fashion characteristics of Pashmina. We’ve used variety of hand crushes & multicolor to make it more attractive & Pashmina cashmere stoles are warm and light weight too. Nepal Craft Shop has come to this stage because we offers every handmade Pashmina items (same as other retail sites) at wholesale price around the world.

Terms and Condition: We have listed only available item and you can choose any single item but not less than 15kg because of shipping cost. Our Vision is please purchase at least 15 kg all our handmade product form Nepal on wholesale price.

Why price is reasonable: we have a large stock of goods in factory & we ship directly from Nepal but not less than 15 kg. We take reasonable shipment price on more than 15 kg. So our price is 5x reasonable than other retail websites.

Note: if you buy at least 15 kg from our shop you will get even a single item at wholesale price & and packaging box will be gifted from us.