Handmade Pensil Case

Handmade pencil case is a daily requirement product for all people.This product looks small but contains more benefical works .Nowadays  Pencil case is not for child only but also for professional and gentle person.Now we are forwarded in a modern way but without pen/pencil we cannot do anything.Our Handmade pencil case leads to all person to move forward  in modern way.It is very cheap easy to carry everywhere which helps to protect your pen and pencil. We have gheri, razor cut with stone wash pencil case.Nepal Craft Shop a leading  handmade handicraft company online store for all kind of handmade product from Nepal offer handmade pencil case according to your wish.

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Handmade Gheri Pensil Case

Handmade Gheri Pensil Case

This is gheri pencil case with cotton Swiss lining inside for better look. Our pencil case is for yo..


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